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Listen Again  - Fluke: Slap It

Listen Again - Fluke: Slap It

Or, as you might be thinking right now "Hey, it's the rave tune from The Matrix 2".  It kind of is, but mostly isn't.

The version used in the Matrix film is basically a radio or single edit - and this along with the change of name - and it coming in at under 5 minutes long suggests that such a single release was originally thought of as a possibility.  Renaming the tune "Zion" would have allowed it to ride on the back of the success of the film.  It didn't, so the change of name now just seems peculiar. 

It's also an unfortunate bastardization; ripping so much of the running time out of the track leads to it losing momentum; the constant leveling-up of the original becoming grander and more thrilling as it continually weaves and pile-drives on is heady stuff.  The short edit, by contrast, is like looking at a masterpiece in a gallery somewhere through heavily-frosted glass. In short, it sucks.

Here, in all it's glory, is the original.  Turn it up.

Jack Ince

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