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Dormant podcasts you need to listen to: Utter Shambles

Dormant podcasts you need to listen to: Utter Shambles

Or to give it it's full title Utter Shambles with Robin and Josie.

Originally called  “Show and Tell with Robin Ince”, a podcast produced by Paramount Comedy UK (now renamed Comedy Central to fall into line with it's American parent company) the podcast was renamed to reflect a slight change in format and the fact that Josie Long had actually been there the whole time - though admittedly Ince was always on primary hosting duties.  Also, when they started Ince had been a long-standing fixture on the UK stand-up circuit and Long not so well known; but had since grown in popularity. 

These are all 6/7 years old now.
Ince is now probably better known for co-presenting TV and radio shows on the subject of physics and astronomy alongside famous physicist (and former pop-star) Brian Cox (where he plays the role of the audience and asks the kind of questions those ignorant of the subject would ask). 

Noted particle physicist Brian Cox playing keyboards in an awful band 20 years ago - unaware of how it would haunt him forever.

As far as I can see “Show and Tell” has completely disappeared from the internet - I spent a decent amount of time looking.  It's a shame; they had some great guests on who would bring odd objects in that they owned and then they'd discuss it.  Weird things that had been found, old books on insane topics - it was funny and different. 
Completely gone.  I have a few episodes but I'm not uploading them and having the cops break down my door. 

Fortunately most of the guests came back in the revised version of the show and we can all freely listen to these.  The range of topics was now more wide-ranging and could go anywhere and, as a result, it's perhaps more fun than what came previously. 
Here they are presented as a list of 20 episodes, which I think represents 3 series' worth (I like the comment at the top of the page - "20 episodes available. A new episode about every 42 days averaging 42 mins duration.").  

Look at the guests:

Alan Moore, twice - greatest living author of graphic novels (Watchmen, From Hell, The League of Gentlemen...)

Mark Gatiss - actor of renown, occasional writer of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Who.

Tim Key - stealth comic, very very dry, writes insane poems; very funny.

Tim Minchin - if you don't know this guy you've been living under a rock for 5 years.

Terry Jones - Monty Python.

Edgar Wright - director of Scott Pilgrim, Shaun of the Dead, spent years working on Ant-Man.

Jon Ronson - author of the The Men Who stare at Goats and The Psychopath Test.  Funny guy.

Al Murray - one of the most popular stand-ups in the UK as his character "The Pub Landlord".

Stewart Lee - one of the greatest stand-up comedians this country has ever produced.

And more.

All available here -

and I've randomly found another four here

Also, now a few years later the two of them are back - the nominal subject being a specific book being discussed each episode but as the site admits, they could and do, usually end up talking about just about anything.  So business as usual, then.

Well worth a listen.

Michael Coates


Copyright of Comedy Central/Ince and Long
Anatomy of an action scene: Dredd (2012)

Anatomy of an action scene: Dredd (2012)

The Steam Controller - weird experiment or too innovative for its' audience?

The Steam Controller - weird experiment or too innovative for its' audience?