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Dormant podcasts you need to listen to - Adam's Buxton's Big Mixtape

Dormant podcasts you need to listen to - Adam's Buxton's Big Mixtape

This podcast is long gone but really should not be forgotten.

I loved it, but then it disappeared and I missed it terribly.  I know they're worth your time, because they are extremely entertaining and if you haven't heard of them before you'll thank me.  You'll probably find yourself trying to resist the urge to send me money.

Generally the BBC are pretty awesome at keeping their podcasts up and available for years, but this one has completely dropped off their map - which is actually pretty tragic.

There used to be a British comedy duo called Adam and Joe (Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish). Adam hit the scene first presenting a late night comedy clip-show.  They then progressed to a joint sketch show type thing called The Adam and Joe Show.  Now, you already know Joe Cornish - perhaps not from his low budget but really pretty good sci-fi thriller Attack the Block, but for being Edgar Wright's co-writer on the original Ant-Man.  You know, the version that was going to be amazing but was too weird for Marvel and they split - after working on the project for a few YEARS.  He also got called in by Spielberg to co-write Tin-Tin.  So, he's kind of a big deal now.  

Adam though, after they split (I'm sure they're still very good friends, calm down) continued to plow his own furrow.  The radio show they co-hosted ended, but he carried on for a while in a number of formats and it's one of these I want you to listen to (also, pretty-much everything else on that page is worth listening to).

Adam Buxton’s Big Mixtape – BBC 6Music (Apr 2010 – June 2010)

Each show was recorded in his garden shed and each week he had a special guest who would share a selection of songs that were important to them and why.  Most are comedians, and the guests who weren't tended to be funny people anyhow.  It's fantastic.  It's stupidly entertaining and really worth your time.  Check out these guests.

Julian Barratt - of The Mighty Boosh  

Garth Jennings - director of the movie version of The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy

Louis Theroux - famous TV documentarian/(possible)stealth comic        

Jon Ronson - writer of The Men who Stared at Goats and The Psychopath Test

Emmy the Great - fantastic, intimate, musician

Peter Serafinowicz - famous comedy actor and voiceover artist (you know him even if you don't)

Sharon Horgan - Star and writer of Catastrophe, the hit Netflix comedy show. If you don't know her (you should, and go watch Pulling while you're at it) watch this, especially if you're a fan of You're the Worst - total bedfellows those shows.

Graham Linehan - comedy writer best known for the classic Father Ted and The Day Today

Ed O’Brien - member of a little band called Radiohead

And others.

It's funny, but you also learn alot about these people and it's not unlike Marc Maron's podcast (which you should also be listening to if you're not already - he's interviewed everyone and he's a pretty cool cat; add his show to your feed.  Do it now) in that he somehow manages to get people talking about all sorts of stuff.  It's great.

Now, this was going to be a one-off article, but I've got a ton of material left over and I've just given you hours of quality listening material - so it's now going to be a new recurring section; plus I was already planning to start writing about what I considered to be the best podcasts around, so it's podcasts a-go-go.

If you have a long daily commute and you struggle to find interesting things to listen to, you're going to love me.

Jack Ince

North Korea: Drugging and kidnapping film-stars, and the few who escape hell.

North Korea: Drugging and kidnapping film-stars, and the few who escape hell.

Gamera 3: Awakening of Iris (1999) - Kaiju done right.

Gamera 3: Awakening of Iris (1999) - Kaiju done right.