Who are you people and why should I pay any attention to you?


Chris Coates.  Editor in Chief - has a special hat and everything.

Mostly writes about film and tv.  Studied ancient history and film (seperately - the Ancient Greeks' filmic eouvre is surprising sparce) at university.  Technically a published author - he wrote film/tv reviews for a pretty large newspaper; he doubts anyone remembers this or even if any of it exists outside his own clippings and copies in an archive somewhere.
Also, technically a film maker, being the writer/director of a short film which no longer exists - his only copy being STOLEN by The Leeds Film Festival.  He still has the original shot footage and a copy of the soundtrack, but doubts he'll recut it.  History has not lost a classic.  A few years later a badly received Hollywood film was released with the exact same premise.  coincidence or theft?  YOU DECIDE.
considers his watching of all 26 original Zatoichi films in order to be some sort of achievement (but he's not going near the Zatoichi TV show.  4 seasons of them.  There isn't enough time).  
has watched the action scenes from The Raid 2 more times than is healthy and the final fight of that film has such an effect on him that it nearly makes him cry.  just like the end of Die Hard - you know, the bit with the cop right at the end.

You can also follow The Editors' own Twitter@TheChrisCoates if you're into general resentment and random abuse.


Michael Coates.  Games Editor.  
As a kid his parents didn't want a console in the house, but they were daft enough to buy a PC.  This explains why Mike's first love is well-crafted, narrative-driven, FPS's.  Half Life and Deus Ex are touchstone games for him.  Later, the likes of Fallout 3, Crysis 2 and Far Cry 2 devoured large chunks of his life.  At some point RPG-ing became equally important to him and the Mass Effects and Shadowrun:Dragonfall are amongst his favourite games.  Refuses to buy/play games from some developers/publishers for moral reasons - which is not what you want to hear from the guy who reviews the video-games.
Sometimes actually goes outside to play... golf?!  Don't even ask - it happened by accident.

Jack ince.  Music Editor/reviewer of random stuff he's told to do.
First music purchase was NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC 14 or something, the memory of which always makes him want to listen to Alexander O'Neil's "Satisfy".  Later his likes were shaped by listening religiously to the legendary John Peel radio show, which explains why his preferences are so scattershot (there was no genre he would not play) and that's why he likes his music to sound like it was recorded on a cheap tapedeck in a room adjacent to the musicians (Peel used to play a fair amount of music from unknown artists who self-recorded their songs in their bedrooms).
Favourite artists from his youth?  Eno, Bowie, Aphex, Kemal, The Orb, Bad Company (UK), John Chibadura, Palace Music, Gravediggaz... these are random names, they could easily be 100's of others.
From now?  a new appreciation for pop - didn't see that coming, came out of nowhere.  That Ryan Adams album (shake it off - so good) has made him see Taylor Swift in a new light, Robyn has always been amazing, Sultans of Swing by Dire Straights is a stone-cold classic.  Prince, of course, is king.
Oh, and The Weeknd.  Can't stop listening. Also, Kieza.  Marriage material right there.

We hope to invite guest reviewers in from time to time and would be happy to look at copy from new writers who understand no payment will be involved.  Also, if you understand Google Analytics, you're in - and we'll give you a fancy title.  Lord Admiral of Marketing or something.